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2012.4.24Nihon Superior President to Participate in NEPCON China Reflow Optimization Roundtable

SUPERIOR NEWS 20 April 2012

OSAKA, JAPAN — April 2012 —Nihon Superior, a supplier of advanced soldering materials to the global market is proud to announce that its president, Tetsuro Nishimura has been invited to participate in a Roundtable discussion, “Optimizing Reflow of Lead-Free Boards and BGAs” , hosted by  EMSNow.   This Roundtable will take place at 3.30pm on April 26, 2012 at the NEPCON China exhibition being held in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.

Issues to be covered in this discussion on best practice in lead-free reflow include optimization of thermal profiles for the assembly of consumer, industrial and high-reliability aerospace and military electronics.   Discussions will extend to other issues that can affect the reliability of lead-free electronics such as tin whiskers.

Mr. Tetsuro Nishimura
▲Mr. Tetsuro Nishimura

Mr Nishimura is a graduate in metallurgy and is recognized as the pioneer in the development of micro-alloyed solders, holding patents on the use of trace additions of nickel that have made it possible for the tin-copper eutectic to be used for the production of reliable solder joints in mass production. This invention has earned recognition and respect around the world as the lead-free solder SN100C®. Mr Nishimura has been active in solder industry technical committees in Japan, written many papers for publication in Japan and overseas and presented numerous papers at conferences in Japan and overseas.   Under his management Nihon Superior has expanded to its current position as a major supplier of lead-free solder to the global market.

For more information on optimizing lead-free soldering processes you are invited to meet company representatives on the Nihon Superior booth. #1B22 at NEPCON China 2012 or visit our website at www.nihonsuperior.co.jp/english

About Nihon Superior Co., Ltd.

Nihon Superior was founded in 1966 when it began marketing unique flux products imported from the US.
The company made its mark on society by gathering the most advanced soldering and brazing technologies and products from around the world, and supplying them to companies in the metal-joining industry. A turning point for the company came when it started developing its own soldering materials and with the success of its unique SN100C lead-free solder alloy Nihon Superior has become a major player in the global market. To support the growing demand for its products, Nihon Superior has established manufacturing and sales centers in Japan,
China and other Asian countries, and the United States, and formed business partnerships with companies in
other markets.

Nihon Superior’s Overseas Sales Section
E-Mail:info@nihonsuperior.co.jp TEL:+81-(0)6-6380-1121

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