The journey of Nihon Superior began back in 1966, when it started to import and sell a unique flux cored solder from the United States. Since then, Nihon Superior has been the quick to secure the groundbreaking joining technologies involving solder and brazing alloys from suppliers all over the world. By making these technologies available to industry, Nihon Superior is proud to be able to contribute to the advancement of society.

Lead-Free Solder
Lead-Free Solder Alloys
Properties of Lead-Free Solders
SN100C Series
ePaste Solder Paste
eBalll Solder Spheres
eCore Flux-Cored Solder Wire
eFlux Soldering Flux
Support during Commissioning
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NS Solder
NS Solder
NS Flux-Cored Solder
NS Oxide-Free Solder Paste
NS Chemical Products
Metal Alloy catalog
Precautions for use
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